Our Buildings

Newly painted Visitor Center


Visitor Center


All guests who want to walk our nature trails are asked to register in our Visitor's Log.  If someone doesn't meet you at the main bulletin board, please go inside the Visitor's Center to register as a guest. If there are no staff or volunteers on site, simply pay your fees into the iron tree next to the bulletin board, and please find us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Trail maps are available in the Visitor Center.

On the Veranda

Our wrap-around veranda is the perfect place to find some shade on hot days. Grab a chair and take some time to relax. Watch birds come to the feeders on the back side and during the cool months of the year, it is not unusual to watch mule deer come up for a drink of water and forage for food.  Be quiet and still though!  The deer are completely wild and will leave in a hurry if startled.

If you like to read books on any subject, you should take a look at our Free Exchange Library.  The library is located on the front veranda of the Visitor's Center.  Bring one or more books with you and exchange them for books you would like from the library.  There are no fees involved and you may keep the books you take for as long as you like.


Gilvin Natural Science Center

The Gilvin building is used most often for indoor education classes and meetings hosted by Wildcat Bluff Nature Center and other organizations. Regular meetings take place here. Check the Event Calendar  for upcoming events. The image above shows artist, Patsy' Kisor's floor painting, The Tree of Life, on the floor of the Gilvin building, together with some of our educational displays.  This must be seen to be believed!

Gilvin can accommodate up to 50 people and is available for rental for open and private meetings and special occasions.  The building provides separate restroom facilities for males and females with inside and outside access.

Our daily (8-hour) rate is $200. 1/2 day is $100, and a minimum 2 hour rental is $50.  There is $15 per hour surcharge for  each hour that an event takes place after 5:00 pm. Regular group meetings' fees are based on a contract, time of day and hours.  We can provide an overhead projection screen but we do not have a projector.    Birthday parties are priced separately.

You should reserve the building well in advance by using the Contact Us form to let us know the date, time, number of people and purpose for your request.  Reservations will be confirmed by email or phone number if provided in your reservation request. Reservations for one-time rental will be confirmed upon receipt of the rental fee.  See the Event Calendar for available dates and time before making your reservation request.

Payment to confirm your reservation is accepted at our facilities or can be mailed to:

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center
P.O. Box 52132
Amarillo, TX 79159

We accept, check, cash and credit/debit payments.