Volunteers are very important to our organization and quality of our facilities. There are always things that can be done around our facilities in order to make it a better place to explore and learn and for our guests and members to enjoy. There are a number of ways you can become involved in our organization. You can make a difference in the way we carry out our mission to  educate others about the nature and history of our region and provide a place where a part of the natural Texas High Plains is accessible to the general public - preserved and maintained. 


  • Join other volunteers for Volunteer Workday. - This activity will be listed in our Event Calendar - usually on the second Saturday of each month.
  • Come out and work when it is convenient for you. - Just use our Contact page to let us know you want to volunteer.  Or call our main number at 806-352-6007.
  • Are you a subject matter expert in natural sciences, nature photography, history or natural resource management?  We are always looking for people who would like to present a program to the public on subjects related to our mission.  Contact us!
  • Give us some feedback. - Contact us with your ideas and suggestions you think will make us a better facility or organization.

Current Volunteer Work Suggestions ( If you don't see something that appeals to you, suggest something you would like to do.)

  • Pick up trash. This can be done anytime you walk our nature trails. Trash is sometimes left by visitors but most of it blows in on our gusty West Texas winds. We especially need help right now to pick up on litter along old Soncy Road!
  • Help trim or remove invasive plants especially mesquite, Russian thistle (tumbleweed) and ragweed.. We have many small trees starting to grow in our nature trails. We can provide the tools you need to remove or trim them back.
  • After the recent rains - we've had lots of growth and the trails need to be cleared of growth
  • Spread wood chip mulch. 
  • Report your nature sightings. - Tell us about the interesting nature related observations you have made recently.  Observations of plants or wild critters and insects at our facility and other locations on the Texas High Plains.  Report your current observations on our Contact page.
  • Greet and assist our visitors. - We need a team of folks who can commit up to four hours on a day convenient to you to greet our visitors, answer questions and collect observation reports, day use fees and memberships.  We have a critical need for volunteers some Fridays, and Saturdays, Sundays. During Baby Animal feeding season , if you wish we can also train you to do that.
  • Saturday tour guides. - Help us teach our visitors about our resident wildlife and how to observe them out on the nature trails.
  • Trim dead branches off live trees
  • All trails need to have branches and yucca trimmed on and near trail
  • Remove dead yucca plants around VC and Gilvin
  • Upgrade paw print display and attractively set Visitor center
  • Repair/Mow/Grade old trails and create new ones
  • Bring Archery back to life
  • Remove extraneous poles and posts around Libb's Trail and main trails
  • Create, plant and maintain specialized gardens, including square foot gardens
  • Bookkeeper - working with Quickbooks
  • Director of physical impeccability: Visitor Center and Gilvin Building
  • Fundraising
  • Membership Director/ coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Help Promote Us!

  • Pass the word to friends and contacts about our projects and upcoming programs, workshops and activities.
  • Use the social media links on this web site to send link postings to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when you see information you would like to pass along to your contacts.
  • Click "Like" on our official Facebook page for Wildcat Bluff Nature Center.
  • Send invitations to your Facebook contacts to view and "Like" our official page.
  • Use your mobile phone to "Check In" with Facebook, Instagram, or other location based web apps when you come out for a visit, hashtagging #wildcatbluff, #wildcatbluffnaturecenter.
  • Take some photos at our facility and tag them with the "Wildcat Bluff Nature Center" location on Facebook.
  • Follow us on Twitter @WildcatBluffNC and re-tweet the posts you like to your followers.
  • Bring your out of town visitors and friends out for a nature walk! - (Members and out of town friends can hike the trails without day use fees.)

Donations Needed

  • Wildlife Baby Wish List
  • Esbilac Powder 

    Exact Handfeeding for Baby Birds

    0-3 month Human Baby Bottles with nipples

    Baby Bottle Brush Cleaners

    Baby Bottle Warmer

    Puppy Pads

    Baby Wipes

    Boxes of Kleenex

    Ferret/Cat Hammocks (for Baby Opossums and Baby Squirrels)

    Small Food/Water Dishes

    Gentle Used Towels and Small Blankets

    Gently Used Small Stuffed Animals

    Baby Warm Incubator (tax deductible) Babywarm.org

    More items on Amazon Wishlist: 


  • Building materials for Wildlife Rehabilitation Center building (list pending - please contact us directly)
  • We have needs for improved signage, educational materials,weather instruments and wildlife cameras.
  • Reestablish archery range
  • Projector to hook up to computer
  • Plantings for Libb's trail and butterfly/bee/hummingbird garden
  • Creek Restoration (Long term project)
  • Humidifier for visitor center
  • Stuffed wildlife, for educational programs in-house and outreach
  • Used ATV so we can work on the trails and have available in case of emergencies
  • Bird feed
  • Books and identification guides - We need books and materials for building up our new research library.  Donate non-fiction textbooks and other books on birds, mammals, insects, bugs, amphibians and reptiles, ecology, botany, biology, chemistry, astronomy, land management and soil conservation.  Our mission includes the history of our area so we would like to receive books and materials related to the heritage of our people, culture and lands.
  • Refrigerator for Gilvin Building


Volunteers and donors can enjoy our nature trails with family and friends.