Species: Fallugia paradoxa - Apache Plume

Apache Plume

Apache Plume
The Apache Plume shrub is drought tolerant providing flowers and colorful seed "plumes" all summer long.


Common Names

Apache Plume, Ponil


Apache-plume is a slender, upright, deciduous to semi-evergreen, multi-branched shrub, 2-6 ft. tall, with grayish-white, pubescent branches. A shrub with white flowers and silvery puffs of fruit heads borne at the tips of very dense, intertangled, twiggy, slender branches. Dark green leaves (silver beneath) contrast well with the loose clusters of fragile, white, apple blossom-like flowers. Distinctive, pink, feathery plumes characterize the persistent fruit.

These rather thick shrubs appear unkempt, but in full flower their white petals are attractive against the dark foliage. Fruit clusters with feathery, purplish tails said to resemble Apache headdress.


Duration: Perennial
Leaves: Small, yellow-green
Flower: White
Bloom Time: May , Jun , Jul , Aug , Sep , Oct , Nov , Dec


Dry, rocky slopes; open woods; dry washes; 3000 to 8000 ft.



Ecosystem Roles

An important forage plant for wild animals. Nectar-insects, Cover, Nesting site, Nesting material, Browse


USA: AZ , CA , CO , NM , NV , OK , TX , UT


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