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Wildcat Bluff

Wildcat Bluff
This is a portion of the bluff formation after which our organization is named. The bluff became known as "Wildcat Bluff" due to the Bobcats who have made their home here for decades.


Just a few minutes from downtown is a place to step out of the daily routine and imagine a different time. More than 600 acres of rolling grasslands are threaded with nature trails offering a sense of isolation and tranquility. Discover delicate wildflowers amidst knee-high grasses, huge cottonwoods, and a magnificent bluff. Slow down enough to spot a horned lizard cross the trail, a hawk circling overhead, or a quail's nest hidden beneath a bush. Picture the native people who camped here for centuries before settlers came through on their westward trek.

There is a place where you can reconnect with the timeless rhythm of the natural world and ponder the impact of civilization. At the same time, consider whether your great grandchildren will be able to experience first hand these same wonders of nature.

The place is Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. Named by early cowboys for a den of wildcats that lived under the bluff, it is also the site of a branch of the historic Gregg-Marcy Wagon Trail from Santa Fe to Fort Smith where wagon ruts are still visible today. It is a place of inspiration, a place for people to embrace the spirit of the land by exploring the natural magic of the Texas Panhandle.

LOCATION: 2301 N. Soncy Rd, Amarillo, TX 79124

HOURS OF OPERATION: The trails are open from sunrise to sunset. If the Visitor Center is not open, put your fees ($3 per adult, $2 for kids over 3 and adults over 65) in the little metal tree next to the bulletin board.

The Visitor Center is open Wednesday - Saturday from approximately 9 through approximately 4 or 5pm, and Sunday from approx. noon through approx. 4 pm. If the Visitor Center is not open during those hours, please put your fees in the metal tree, as above.