Wild Sighting - 2012/01/07

Conditions: We have received a break from harsh winter weather to clear skies and light breeze with highs in the upper fifties and low sixties.  The trails are dry but so is everything else so fire danger continues. 

Observations: We are having daily visits by Mule Deer in the Libb's Trail area partly due to small amounts of donated deer corn placed in strategic locations. Deer tracks are all over the place and you may spot Coyote tracks on the trails. A flock of House Finches continue to enjoy the feeders near the Visitor's Center and on the Prairie Dog Town Trail along with Bobwhite Quail and White-winged Dove. Gopher activity is evident along the trails.

There were no signs of any bug activity.  At least those that might be found without disturbing rocks and fallen limbs.  There was also an absence of birds on the trails.  The feeder at the photo blind/rest stop was empty so it was refilled with a notation to repair some damage next trip.

There are signs of life however!  besides the green of the predominant yuccas, there is a slight green tint to the landscape.  As many as six different species of plants are showing new signs of growth at this time.  Can you identify them?  Do you know which of the six young plants I observed does not appear in the photos below?

Some of the plants below are not identified.  So what signs of life do you see where you live this winter (besides dandelions that is)?  Feel free to leave your identifications and comments below.

This plant is Kochia scoparia and will make forage available to wildlife as it grows larger.  You may know the plant as a type of tumbleweed.


Not Identified


Not Identified


Not Identified


This grass is not identified.