golden dragonfly

I find when it comes to updating the website blog, articles and so on, I am much more reluctant to write these, than I am to update our Facebook page, and I just figured out why.

 Six reasons: 

 1. I think it's going to take a lot of time to do a blogpost, whereas I can update Facebook in a couple of minutes or less.

2. I think it's more "serious." And people will be able to find this in perpetuity, whereas Facebook is more ephemeral, it seems. So I'd better "get it right"!

3. I haven't figured out yet how to post albums of pictures - and I take lots of wonderful pix.  I don't  want to pick just one per post, nor am I inclined to spend the time noodling around the innards of the website trying to figure things out. So I post  whole series of pix to Facebook.

4. Responses. On Facebook, I get immediate feedback about what I'm posting. Not so on website.

5. I have the  experience of being part of a community of 'friends' on Facebook. The website is a pebble cast in a pond.

6. Spellcheck function on website is under-functional.

Having said that I am aware of a need to post on this site, and it looks as though we may have a volunteer who really wants to do that. I'll keep you posted... or she will. Well, we shall see. In the meantime, I leave you with this stunning image of what I think is a Gold Winged Skimmer, seen just a couple of hours ago near the pond. The rains have been wonderful. It's looking lush out there.  There are a myriad flowers and critters  flourishing. You should be here. 

I invite you. I also invite you to  go look at our Facebook pages:  Wildcat Bluff and Wildcat Bluff Nature Center.  I post mostly on the former. Lots of pix and lots of info. You'll like it.