2013/03/15 First Fruit and First Moth

Erodium cicutarium

The first wildflower bloom I spotted at Wildcat Bluff for the 2013 season was mentioned in my report on February 17.  They are still blooming even though we have experienced a blizzard and freezing temperatures. Now you can see how the fertilized flowers have gone to seed, making the elongated fruit and the first fruit spotted in 2013!

First Moth 2013

First Moth 2013
Remember the invasion of moths we experienced during the Spring of 2012? They seemed to be everywhere, even in our houses! This image is of the first moth I spotted in 2013. Moths can be difficult to identify so I cannot tell you its name right off hand. I just want to know if this might be a sign of another invasion of moths this Spring.
Today is also the first day of 2013 for temperatures to get into the 80s with a predicted high of 86F.