Visitor  center new paint

If you are wondering where we've been for the last little while, the answer is, right here, but, to quote Elmer Fudd, "Vewwy, vewwy quiet!"

Well that's all over, and with the arrival of Spring this week, we coming roaring back like the lion, we are. Or bobcat. Anyway. I promise, promise, promise to be updating you all on what's going on around here from here on in.  Thanks Amarillo, for welcoming me so warmly to your community.

Check our events calendar for what's on, like the Jumpstart Photography Class on April 5th, our "B-b-b-bird is the Word" program on April 12th, our GRAND RE-OPENING on May 3rd, and Summer Day Camps starting in July.

And, look at our pretty newly painted Visitor Center, one of many beautification and restorative projects that 26 volunteers worked on last Saturday!  Come play with us. It's fun!

Vivien Young

Executive Director