kids enjoying program at Wildcat Bluff

Ok.  Here we go. Here are the Summer Camps we will be delivering this July.

July 7-11: Animals A to Z (ages 6-9).

Campers will be exposed to many species through artwork, hands-on projects, reference books, games, and live animals .


July 14-18: Nature Arts and Crafts (ages 8-11)

All projects will be made with natural materials mostly found on the grounds of Wildcat Bluff.


July 21-25: Animals of the High Plains (ages 9-11)

A different phylum of animals will be the topic for each camp day and knowledgeable guest speakers will be invited to present live animals, mammals, fish (a day will be spent at Medi-Park lake fishing), insects and their relatives, birds, reptiles and amphibians.


July 28-Aug 1: Insects and Their Relatives (ages 7-9)

Through varied activities and with specimens to investigate, campers will become familiar with the vast numbers of Earth's insects, arachnids, and myriapods.


Email us or call for registration info! These camps are awesome. $150 per child if parent is not a member, $130 for members.

 Vivien YoungExecutive Director(806)