Well, it has been a while since our last update.

 I trust you all have had a wonderful 2014 and loving, joyful Holidays with your friends and family. If you did or if you didn't, I hope that 2015 will bring you peace and prosperity. We ended the year on a high note with our wee Year End Appeal letter, generating just over $10,000 in donations/new and renewing memberships so far. We now have a little more than 180 members to start the year with, and have a terrific board of 14 folks who love Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. We have a grant from Amarillo Area Foundation to use in developing and training this board to be highly effective, creating programs and a strategic plan for these, fundraising and operational longevity. We are committed to making a difference for the people of the Panhandle through sharing the magic of nature! So, stand by for more news as things develop, and come out and see us sometime soon! It's a bit cold right now, so be sensible and dress appropriately. We don't recommend you come out for a hike on the rough nature trails if it's below freezing, but Libb's trail is looking great with the labyrinth, a mesquite spiral, earth circle, (frozen) pond, dig pit and accessible, paved trails. (And critter tracks in the snow.) If you'd like to join, here's the link to the website page where you can do that.http://wildcatbluff.org/content/membership