Free Exchange Library

Free Exchange Library at Wildcat Bluff

"Edward Abbey once said of wilderness, 'we may need it someday not only as a refuge from excessive industrialism but also as a refuge from authoritarian government, from political oppression.' I think we need public libraries in the same way we need wilderness. Both are sanctuaries of a king. Both are storehouses of diversity." - Anna Kirkpatrick, quoted in Beyond Words: BC's Public Libraries Are Changing Lives.

Wildcat Bluff Nature Center is the host of an Exchange Library located on the front veranda of the Visitor's Center.  Our library is stocked with fiction and non-fiction books covering many topics of interest.  There are books for children and books for adults. There a paperback books and hardback books. There are books to read for pleasure and books for self-help, education and reference.

All of the books currently in the Exchange Library have been donated by individuals. Some came from personal collections or were purchased from the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library book sales.

How does the Exchange Library work?

  • Bring one or more books with you.
  • Select any books you wish from the library up to the number of books you brought.
  • Exchange paperback for paperback and hardback for hardback.
  • Take the book(s) you want, leave the book(s) you brought.
  • You may keep the books you take.
  • There are no fees involved.

If you are not familiar with the concept of a micro book exchange, you may find this story interesting and informative!  Portland book lovers nurture neighborhood camaraderie with mini libraries

The books available in our mini library will change as users make exchanges. That's what makes it neat.  As more people begin to use it, the greater the frequency that different books will become available for exchange.  So start rounding up some of your books you are willing to part with around the house and exchange them for something different you will want to read!  And tell your friends or bring them and their used books along.  Don't be surprised if you begin swapping among yourselves.  Exchanging books is a good fever to catch!