Adopt a Species Project

Helianthus Annuus

Do you have a favorite plant or animal (and by animal I mean that includes insects too!) that is likely to be found at Wildcat Bluff or in our region?  If not, we can help you find one!

We are looking for people who want to learn more about the wild plants and animals living in our region and one way to make that happen is by allowing people to adopt a species.  There are a number of roles you can do when you adopt a species and you don't have to do all of them but you will sure learn a lot more about the species if you do!

Adopt a Species Roles

  • Researcher: Find all the information available about a species and document your findings.
  • Observer: Make periodic observations throughout the year and record them in an Observation Report.
  • Photographer: Do the best you can to capture images of the species.
  • Contributor: Publish the information gathered from the three roles above on our web site.
  • Editor: Review published species pages and make corrections if necessary.

You may choose to adopt one or more species but play a single role (such as Photographer) or you can choose one or more roles for one or more species. The result of combined efforts will wind up looking something like the page for Littleleaf Sumac on our site.

In some cases, pages have already been created for a species because I have a photograph of the species but the rest if the information needs to be added. I have tagged these pages as orphans. Click on the link to see a list of the current orphan species. You may also choose to adopt a species already adopted by others. See a list of current adopted species.

Our goal is to eventually document every living species at Wildcat Bluff and display the information gathered on our web site in the Our Residents section.  When you help us do this you will be able to develop some new skills and learn a lot about plants and animals which live in our region.  Your efforts will help make all this information available to everyone and you will get credit for your work and enjoy Volunteer status in our organization.